• Mini Wild Cherry

Mini Wild Cherry

Mini Wild Cherry

Bitter in taste and with less flesh than the sweet cherries you have seen, eaten and worn before. But oh boy, do they look delicious on your ear lobes.

Tip: They are a great ally to overcome boredom, try to tie a knot in the cherry stem with your tongue. Not that I have ever been able to, in fact, I would be VERY impressed if you could. 

Fact: Did you know that the cherry trees are hermaphrodite, meaning the male and female reproductive parts are found in the same flower? 


Handcrafted with lampwork glass by Spanish local artisans. 18K gold plated nickel free hoops. Hoops size: 2mm thick and 14mm outer diameter.

Sold as SINGLE. Please add x2 to basket for the pair.

Being handmade, sandralexandra jewels may include minor variations so no two pieces of jewellery will be identical. 

  • £35.00