Mia Le Chef x Sandralexandra

You’ve bought your groceries from Sandralexandra, decorated your ears with their dazzling colours and now it’s time to fuse them together in the kitchen.

Mia Le Chef has dreamt up two deliciously mouth-watering recipes inspired by Sandralexandra’s grocery collection.

You can now showcase your funky fresh earrings over a sumptuous supper at your kitchen table with your friends rather than over zoom.

Like Sandra’s jewellery these recipes dress your table with joyous colours and natural ingredients. Mia Le Chef has brought to life the Latin inspiration Sandra infuses into her jewellery and created two summertime dishes made to be enjoyed and shared with friends and family.

Taking her love for fresh home cooking Mia’s first recipe is an Aubergine and Lemon Fritti, taking the citrus yellow and combining it with the soft aubergine to form a crispy fritti, then bejewelled with pink pomegranate seeds.

The second is a Braised Petit Pois and Lettuce Salad, the perfect accompaniment to any main. Mia has taken the sweet peas in a pod and combined them with chargrilled lettuce to create the lovable combination of sweet and crunchy.

These recipes are made to be treasured and just like the jewellery they are inspired by, they are a refreshing and special addition to your collection.

The wonderfully creative Tatiana Alida has playfully designed the menu of ingredients so you can treasure these little recipe cards. With each Sandralexandra grocery order a recipe card will be packaged in amongst your glass ingredients.





To be transported to real serenity Mia has curated a video on her IGTV in the Grecian hills making the Aubergine and Lemon Fritti, with her Sandralexandra earrings and necklace acting as her sous chef.

Go to @MiaLeChef to join Mia in making this delicious dish for yourself.