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Ruby Kean x Sandralexandra

Build your own greeting cards

To bring a bundle of colour, creativity and texture to your creative pursuits, Ruby Kean and Sandralexandra have collaborated to create these unique collage parcels filled with market treasures and fruity trinkets. In celebration of the launch of Sandra’s new collection of delectable fruity jewellery, Ruby’s classic collage kits have been given a twist to reflect her world of craft and Sandra’s charming and colourful style.

Built with bright craft papers, market fruit wrapping and collected ephemera - from vintage seed packets to jam and preserve labels - each parcel is filled with enough materials to create 5 home made greetings cards and 5 recipe notelets for the festive season.

Whether you choose to slip your recipe cards inside each greeting card and share your favourite recipes with loved ones, or choose to add a decorative flare to your own recipe book these fruit basket parcels have been individually crafted so you can get creative.

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